Wavenet Spark Embroidery software in your pocket
Embroidery software in your pocket


Frequently Asked Questions

Spark is the first true digitizing app in the world. It is an embroidery software in your pocket, which you can use in any mobile phone or tablet running android operating system

Spark is compatible with any phone or tablet that has at least android version 5 up to android version 10

Spark is a complete embroidery software, that you can carry with you at all times. It is not a toy app with limited functionality like others. You can fully edit designs, create lettering and automatically create embroidery from photos and images. For more information check out the respective page of each level, Editor, Lettering and Digitizer, or the detailed functionlist.

Spark has 3 levels. Editor, Lettering and Digitizer. This way you can use the exact functions you need and pay accordingly. For example if you only need lettering, we don’t want to force you to pay more for a digitizing level, even if Spark is way less expensive compared with stationary embroidery software. Check out the functionality included in each level, and decide which is best for you.

Spark is suitable for any home or professional embroiderer. It is very easy to use and has all the functions you need to create or edit embroidery designs. You can use it as your main embroidery software or as a secondary one if you already use a stationary embroidery software in your computer or laptop. One of many Spark advantages is that you will always have it with you at all times, so you can edit in your car or at the customers place, create in your bed if you have late night inspiration, or at the coffee shop while waiting your friends. Let’s face it, we use our phones and tablets more and more to replace tasks we did in our computers, because its easier, simpler and cheaper. 

Spark is a revolutionary embroidery software, with revolutionary pricing model. You don’t have to pay a large amount upfront to use Spark like other embroidery software, and then either stuck with old tech or need to update to the newer version each year to stay up-to-date. You pay a very low monthly or yearly subscription, starting from 2.90€ per month and you have all the updates and support you need. If at any time you decide you don’t need it anymore, you just stop the subscription, something you can’t do when you paid upfront like other embroidery software. If you are going to use it for over a year, make sure you turn your subscription to yearly instead of monthly, since you will get 2 full months for free. You can see prices of all levels at the pricing page. Don’t forget that you will get one month for free to test it’s amazing capabilities with no obligation to continue, so there is no excuse for not starting right now!

Spark has 20 pre-digitized fonts, 1003 Google fonts (rising ever day) and as many system fonts your device has. Some devices allow you to add more fonts, so its practically unlimited. There are also extra packs of pre-digitized fonts by Wavenet for a small fee.

Spark has 50 professionally digitized embroidery designs offered for free in all 3 levels. Additional packs of designs are offered for a small fee.

In various ways.

  • Sync designs with your computer using Spark Quick Sync, and then send to your machine from your computer
  • Save to a usb flash drive directly from your phone or tablet
  • Send with email
  • Upload to your account in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or any other cloud app you use
  • Send with Viber, Skype, Airdroid, Bluetooth, Wifi-Direct or any other app that you have in your phone or tablet and can send files
  • Connect your phone or tablet to your computer and copy

There are more but you get the point. Spark makes it super easy to export and manage your embroidery designs.

Yes Spark supports full editing of a design, change size, color, repeat, mirror,auto fabrics, re-order by color adn much more. Start 30 day free trial today and enjoy.

Yes Spark supports creating embroidery designs with applique.

Yes Spark supports satin, step satin, running stitch, it has total of 13 stitch types, 200 step patterns, 102 motifs and much more. Start 30 day free trial today and enjoy.

Yes Spark supports 3 types of underlay, setting for underlay density, density of block, automatic outline, stretch, short stitches and much more. Start 30 day free trial today and enjoy.

Yes Spark supports both block edit and stitch-by-stitch edit, as well as insertion or removal of holes and much more. Start 30 day free trial today and enjoy.

Spark is available in 8 languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Dutch and Turkish 

At the moment Spark can save designs as che (native vector format), dst, pes,pec,xxx,exp,sew,hus,pcs,vip and jef, which covers the majority of embroidery machines on the market today

Yes, you can find detailed training videos with subtitles in various languages here. You can enable the subtitles for the language you want from YouTube settings.

Spark Quick Sync is a utility that you will get for free, and will allow you to sync your embroidery designs between your phone (or tablet) and your computer. It is very easy to use, there are no complicated settings like others.