Wavenet Spark Embroidery software in your pocket
Embroidery software in your pocket

Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Video tutorials for Wavenet Spark Embroidery app.

Spark has a variety of functions, that will allow you to create designs and lettering, and of course edit them in many ways. It is a complete embroidery software in your pocket. In order to help you exploit all the amazing capabilities Spark has to offer, we have created a series of 9 tutorial videos. The videos cover all aspects of Spark’s functionality, and more will follow if needed. The videos has closed captions, which you an enable from the control button in the bottom part of youtube player. The subtitles are available in many languages for non English speakers.

Below is a playlist of all available videos. You can choose the video you want to watch from the upper part of youtube player.

Click here if you prefer watching the playlist in youtube instead.

Here is a list of the available tutorials:

  • Lesson 1 – How to open, save and delete embroidery designs
  • Lesson 2 – View and select functions
  • Lesson 3 – How to use Autopunch for image to embroidery
  • Lesson 4 – How to edit embroidery designs
  • Lesson 5 – How to create Lettering and monogram style fonts
  • Lesson 6 – Advanced editing and digitizing
  • Lesson 7 – How to use Photostitch for photo to embroidery
  • Lesson 8 – How to use Autocross for image to crossstitch
  • Lesson 9 – How to share and print an embroidery design

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