Wavenet Spark Embroidery software in your pocket
Embroidery software in your pocket

Spark Installation Guide

Spark Installation Guide

Allow Rights

Once you first open Spark, you will be asked to allow necessary rights. Click allow to all

Sign in

Click sign in with your Google account. This will retrieve your email in order to create your free Spark account

Choose password

Choose a password for your free Spark account. If you already have a Spark account, you only need to enter your password and click the login button. Make sure to safely store your Spark password


Open Spark Store

You are now on Demo mode with limited functionality. To start the Digitizer full version trial, click on the store button

Choose level

Choose Digitizer monthly subscription to enjoy your free trial. You will not be charged anything if you decide to cancel before the trial period ends

Input payment method

If you haven't already saved a valid payment method to Google Play, you need to input one. You can choose between credit/debit car, paysafecard or paypal. This is necessary since Google does not allow trials without having a valid payment method in Google Play

Redeem Code

If you have a spark code, you need to click the Redeem code button. All Wavenet customers get a 60 day free code for Spark when purchasing any Wavenet embroidery software, SnS v.2.1 or EOS v.3 plus. For more info, you can visit: www.wavenet.gr or click on the image on the left. If you don't have a Spark code, skip the redeem code steps, and you will get your 7 days free trial

Enter Code

Carefully type your Spark code

Click Redeem

After double-checking your code, click the Redeem button

Click continue

If your code is valid, you will see this window. Click continue

Click subscribe

Finally, Google will show some useful info about your trial. When it begins, when it ends and how much you will be charged after it ends. Note that currency and exact price including taxes depends on the country you reside. If you want to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, you can do so easily from Google play - Subscriptions and you will not be charged anything. Google will also email you a couple of days prior to ending in case you forget, to make sure you won't be paying accidentally. We are certain though that you will love Spark after trying it!

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